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Flood Insurance
Flood Water Damage Protection

Do you know that most Homeowner’s Insurance does not cover flood damage? Since floods can happen anywhere and anytime — being correctly covered is highly important! Can you imagine that just one inch of floodwater can cause $25,000 in damage.


Flood Insurance is a separate policy that can cover buildings, it’s contents or both. Wouldn’t it be worth your time to protect your most important financial assests? What do you need to protect….


  • your home?

  • your business?

  • your possessions?

Have questions about "Flood Insurance" (Flood Water Damage Protection) ? Contact us and let's discuss how we can help you protect your valuable assets.



Scheer`s Insurance Services LLC -  When you need Flood Insurance - GetInScheer'd

Getinscheerd Flood Insurance

and Protect

During or immediately following a flood It may be necessary to provide some security against theft and when possible, protect the building against further damage. Finding alternative lodging and/or storage can be planned at this stage.

Getinscheerd Flood Insurance

Clean up

After it is determined that your building is structurally sound the initial cleaning can begin. Making a list and taking pictures of items lost or damaged is also an important first step

Getinscheerd Flood Insurance

Remediation and Restoration

Determining the extent of the damage is first. Based on the report a plan can be developed to remove any dangerous molds and /or Chemicals. Then the needed repairs can be performed in order to return the building to preflood conditions.

Getinscheerd Flood Insurance

Returning Home

Once all repairs have been completed and it is allowed to return to your property, decorating and furnishing the property can be completed in order that you can return to your home or office.

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Rick Scheer and his office are very responsive and have helped us properly insure our investment property. With his advice we were prepared and protected when it came time to handle a major repair. Thanks Rick and your staff!
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