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The Facts About Surety Bonds

Are you the owner of a small to mid-size contracting firm or are you responsible for a well established construction company or business? No doubt you are always on the look out for talent and expertise within your industry. However, in most cases, having an "In-House" Insurance and Surety Bond expert wouldn't be very cost effctive. This is where Scheer's Insurance Services LLC can help you be successful tackling the ever increasing financial complexity of projects. Our experienced experts become your experts.

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Why should you examine your Commercial Insurance?


More and more business owners are realizing that as their business grows, more dynamic thinking, strategies and solutions are required to be competitive and protected. Think for a minute how many changes you've made over the past few years. Every change affects your business, some positively and some negatively. Scheer’s Insurance Service LLC knows how to help you and has the experience to create an effective, balanced and dynamic Commercial Insurance Solution that provides the protection you need today and for the future.

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How can Contractors Insurance protect you?

Contractors Insurance is primarily a form of protection that can protect you and your business from extreme financial debts resulting from work-related injuries and/ or events. It can include coverage for liabilty, Equipment, Workman’s Compensation, Products & Completed Operations, Property, Commercial Vehicles and many more. Finding the right balance between cost, coverage and effectiveness is the challenge. This is where Scheer’s Insurance Services LLC can help you to better understand and decide what’s best for your business.


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What do you need to know about Auto, Home and Life Insurance?

Most insurance companies would have you believe that ONLY the cost is important. In reality, coverage is personalized because every person’s situation is unique and individual. When you want to be properly covered, a Scheer’s Insurance Services LLC team member will take the time to answer your questions and explain to your satisfaction the features of your unique needs. Then, when you’re ready, you can make an informed and an effective decision that will protect you, your family and your life.


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Why is Cyber Insurance a good idea?

Investing in Cyber Insurance is no longer just a choice. Not only are cyber-crimes increasing but you need to be protected against lost data, business disruption, revenue loss, equipment damage, legal fees public relation expenses, forensic analysis and the associated costs. Additionally, you are responsible for compliance with Multi-Factor Authentication requirements AND can be held liable for not handling and/or protecting data correctly. That can include email communication, financial transactions, remote network access and Internal & Remote Admin Access. Obviously, you’ll need help determining which coverage is best for you and which companies will help you be covered effectively.


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Do you know the difference between Flood Insurance

and Home Insurance?

Knowing the differences can mean the difference between a minor disruption and extreme financial losses. Depending on your circumstances it may be highly beneficial to have an additional layer of protect as provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). You don’t need to be confused. Scheer’s Insurance Service LLC can help you compare the options. Then you can decide the right coverage for your unique situation.


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What our Clients say. 

Amazing customer service! Best prices! Goes above and beyond.
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